Azure Functions: Route Priority Revisted (for Isolated functions)

Revisiting route priority when running functions in isolated (out-of-process) mode

Durable Functions error - 'An ExecutionStarted event is required'

The solution to InvalidOperationException with 'An ExecutionStarted event is required' when running or migrating Durable Functions to Isolated process

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cookies

What are HTTP cookies? Are they dangerous? Do you really understand how they work? We will dive deep into what cookies are, what they can/can’t do, and some little-known properties that make working with cookies more secure.

Cloud Distributed Lock with Azure Cosmos DB

How to implement a cloud-distributed lock using Azure Cosmos DB

Keyless Cosmos Connections

How to connect to Cosmos without any secrets at all

Serializing JObject to camelCase

How to serialize a JSON.NET JObject to camelCase

Azure Functions: Trigger Attribute Settings From Key Vault

How to read trigger attribute settings from Key Vault

Azure Functions: Wildcard Routing

A quick tip to support wildcard routes in Azure Functions

Azure Functions: Route Priority

Making Azure Functions route matching make more sense

Azure Functions: Set Cosmos DB Trigger Connection String At Runtime

How to specify the trigger connection string at runtime and avoid storing secrets during local development

Quick Fix: Creating an X509Certificate from bytes

How to fix a strange error when creating an X509Certificate from an array of bytes

Roku: Proxying network requests

Some of the options available for inspecting network traffic from your Roku

Roku: Handling roInputEvent

How to handle roInputEvent messages without restarting your app

Distributed Cache Invalidation using Azure Service Bus

It has been said that there are only two hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation and naming things. Time to cross one of those off of the list

HTTP on Roku

Everything you ever wanted to know about making network calls on Roku

Roku: Fix for live video delay

How to make sure your live stream is really live

Roku: Nodes and Associative Array fields

A look at how associative array fields on nodes are handled and how they can affect performance

Roku: Component initialization order

Understanding the component initialization order and some potential gotchas

Roku: A Different Kind of 'Rule of Thirds'

Roku devices support a variety of resolutions. Here is a tip to make sure your FHD layouts look great when scaled down to HD.

Roku: Poster component property order

Often when loading images from the web, we do not have control over how large the source images are. Loading images that are too large will eat up precious Roku memory and cause performance problems in your app. There is a way to solve this, but it has an interesting twist that can trip people up.

Deploying Azure Web App Certificates from Key Vault

How to work around an ARM template limitation when using a Key Vault certificate in a Web App

Roku Round-up

Quick updates on some Roku libraries that I recently released

CORS and exceptions on ASP.NET Core

How to ensure your CORS headers are properly returned with HTTP error responses on ASP.NET Core

The many uses of Azure Functions Proxies

Azure Functions Proxies are awesome - here are just a few ways to leverage them

Build an Alexa skill using Azure Functions

Although AWS Lambdas are the default, it is dead simple to use Azure Functions for your Alexa skill as well

Roll Your Own React

(on Roku, just for an added twist)

Streaming live drone footage using Azure Media Services

Directly from your drone to the world, via the the cloud

Redux + Roku = Redoku

Making Roku development less painful by making state changes more predictable

UWP GetHashCode warning

A cautionary tale about making assumptions

MockMock - A mocking framework for UWP

...or: how to generate classes on the fly when your language doesn't allow it

Run Node.js Azure Mobile Services locally

Want to unit test or debug your Node.js-based Azure Mobile Service? Here's how.

Compare Across Forks

My new favorite feature on GitHub

Triggering Storyboards with data binding

A clean way for your viewmodel's properties to trigger storyboard animations

Declare Bluetooth capability for Windows Store and Windows Phone 8.1 apps

Run arbitrary code on the UI thread asynchronously

A gotcha and a solution for easily running async code on the UI thread from a background thread.

Azure Mobile Services: No 'id' member found on type

When using Azure Mobile Services, you can sometimes get an error with the message "No 'id' member found on type" even when your type has an 'id' member. Here is why and how to solve it.

Sharing Html & Images via the Share Contract

The right way to share html that contains images (and other external resources) via the Share charm.

Migrating Scheduled Task Jobs

Finally retiring that old Windows Server 2003 machine? Need to migrate your scheduled tasks? Here is an easy solution.

Windows Phone Color Emoji Override

What to do when your font glyphs start showing up in multi-color when you dont want them to

WinRT Xaml Image Source Bug

Following Microsoft's 'Best Practices' advice when using images in Xaml can result in a strange bug.

Assmebly and File Version Information in WinRT

How to get the assembly and file version information in WinRT apps

ProgressRing for Windows Phone 8

A Windows-8-style ProgressRing for Windows Phone 8

WinRT JSON Parser

A nicer way to deal with JSON in WinRT (Windows Store) apps

Windows 8 Store Apps Color Overrides

Tired of that purple color in your ComboBoxes, ListBoxes, and GridViews? Here is how to change it without retemplating all of the controls.

Xaml VisualStateManager weirdness

Sometimes GoToState() just wont work or works intermittently. Here is a note to myself with the answer.

Reentrant async locks in .NET

The new async/await keywords in .NET make async programming a snap, but there are some things to watch out for when synchronizing multiple threads.

GridView in a ScrollViewer

How to use a GridView inside of a ScrollViewer in a Windows Store app while still retaining mouse-wheel scrolling and swipe-to-select behavior.

SQLite on WinRT bug

Got some queries that run fine, but if you add a column to the SELECT list or change the ORDER BY stop working? Got queries in a transaction that sometimes fail? Read on for the solution...

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