Compare Across Forks

Compare Across Forks

My new favorite feature on GitHub

There are lots of ways to work with Git and GitHub on Windows and I use the GitHub for Windows app, TortoiseGit, and the command line daily for various tasks. But my current new favorite feature is actually built in to the GitHub website.

Say you have forked a repository, make some changes, and then push them up to your fork. If you made your changes on a new branch, GitHub will take notice and offer up a handy option to create a pull request:

But if you were a bad kid and pushed your changes on the master branch, GitHub silently shames you and does not offer up the handy link (though it is also useful if you want to create a PR for changes that were not recently made). By using the Compare across forks, you can simply select your fork and your branch and generate the PR quickly and painlessly.

I am sure this feature is old news to most folks, but I have been finding it extra useful lately so I thought I would share.