Roll Your Own React

(on Roku, just for an added twist)

As part of our company Lunch-and-Learn series, I recently gave a talk about rolling your own React. As an added twist to make it more fun, I decided to do it all on Roku. The full Roact (Roku + React) source code can be found here.




Deploying Azure Web App Certificates from Key Vault

How to work around an ARM template limitation when using a Key Vault certificate in a Web App

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Roku Round-up

Quick updates on some Roku libraries that I recently released

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CORS and exceptions on ASP.NET Core

How to ensure your CORS headers are properly returned with HTTP error responses on ASP.NET Core

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The many uses of Azure Functions Proxies

Azure Functions Proxies are awesome - here are just a few ways to leverage them

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Build an Alexa skill using Azure Functions

Although AWS Lambdas are the default, it is dead simple to use Azure Functions for your Alexa skill as well

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